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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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Tom Baker
I decided to go looking for some game demos to try out, and some open source games. I found a great one in the form of Gish.

You are a ball of tar named Gish. The physics that this ball of tar has attached to it are amazing. I mean, seriously, you're this ball of goo, and you behave exactly as a ball of goo should- with cool powers. You can turn sticky, and climb walls. Or, you can turn slippery and go through tubes. And of course, you can get really heavy and bash your enemies (and sink in water).

The game itself is mostly puzzle like- Gish must explore mazes in ancient temples and sewers, collecting bits of amber. There are levers, traps, monsters, and other such impediments to Gish's goal (which is rescuing his girlfriend from the clutches of... well, a bad guy. I dunno, the demo didn't really say).

It's available for windows, mac, and linux, so I strongly recommend giving the demo a crack. I'm certainly going to shell out the $19.95 for it. It's sweet.

That said, let's look at politics. I caught a few minutes of the debate tonight, and am seeing miles and miles of commentary and analysis on LJ- so of course, I have to throw my two cents in. It is my decision that both of our propsective presidents for the next four years are lying sacks of shit. If I bumped into either of them in a dark alley, I'd happily do nothing that the Secret Service would want to ask me about broken noses for. I mean, seriously, I can honestly say that I hate both Bush and Kerry, and you know what? It's a roughly equal level of hate.

Both of them were making shit up and talking out their asses, using flawed statistics, misrepresenting the truth, and outright lying, which means, I guess, that they were doing politics. They were politicking.

Bush was certainly more personable than Kerry. Kerry orated, and not in that firey sort of way- in the freshman writing class lecture sort of way. But he still got his jabs in, and lied less than Bush, which is something. Bush was certainly playing the man-of-the-people angle to the hilt, and it looks like he was well coached and prepared this time- which means his handlers were desperate to avoid another flop.

God willing, there will be a debate in Washington (the state), on the same day Mt. St. Helens decides to go bonkers and level the entire state. With any luck, we'll find us a leader to replace our two prospective "presidents".

Now, didn't you like it better when I was talking about Gish? Gish is smart, he's sassy, has a cool soundtrack, and has the balls to go running around in ancient temples and tombs and shit. Hell man, Gish for president. At least when people say he's slimy, it'll be literal.
  • did you know Gish was the name of the first album by the Smashing Pumpkins?
  • Alas, my computer is choking on it =( I installed the newest NVIDIA driver, and the game still advances at the rate of about a frame every two seconds. I'm wondering if it isn't my processor... I have an AMD Athlon 1 GHz, which is the minimum they recommend, and I notice that when I have to go out to the Task Manager to kill the game, my CPU useage is at 100%. It looks it'd be a neat game, too...
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