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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Well, that was amusing...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Well, that was amusing...

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Tom Baker
Class didn't suck today. Go me, and my loyal readers, for every success of mine, you are allowed to share, basking in my reflected glory. Or something. Support was appreciated at any rate.

Now, I had Cate's bank card on me, so I had to bring her home food or she'd eat me- she had no money to buy any with today. On my way to Tandoor Palace, I bump into Nate, a former NHer who used to give me rides to work. I go to the Indian joint, place my order for take-out, and step outside, since I don't want to sit there forever waiting. I bump into Fiona/Jen, a SCAdian of my aquiantance. I walk with her over to Price Chopper and grab meself some doughnuts. I go back to the Indian place, pick up my food, step outside and run into Angel and Fatass, Angel being a friend of aurra_sing, and by extension, ours, because Angel rocks, and Fatass being a former Trimounter that has mysteriously worked his way back into the group of people I hang out with. Walking back to my place with Angel and Fatass, I bump into Tas and his dog.

This leads me to one important question- where are the rest of you?
  • while you where doing all that i wa in class, right now i am at my computer watching the aprentce basking in the glory of my frst ever A on a test, and eating peanutbutter twix ice cream
  • heh. I do rock. :)
  • Um... out here... somewhere. The place where I stay and everyone else leaves. (I'm in such a my-hometown-is-a-shithole mood)

    I'm glad class went better today! =) Hopefully I won't be quite as busy at work tomorrow and can email you.
  • Uh.... I was in Albany, at work. You know the place.
  • I was at home. And hungry. And waiting for my food. And wondering why you hadn't returned by the time I got back from class. **grin**
  • well you did walk past my place in answer to your question i was there
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