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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Sick of dealing with some moron?

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Sick of dealing with some moron?

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johnny cash
Sick of dealing with some moron? Want someone to just shut up? Eat shit and die?

You're probably not alone.

From now on, when you want to reply to someone, and shw them the depth of you're disdain, simply reply like this:

James is sick of your shit.

(<a href="http://jamesthecorgi.blogsite.org">>James is sick of your shit.</a>)

Speaking of morons: James, and the local villagers were sick of this guy's shit too- so they tied him down and washed him.

This reminds me of Trimount. There was an employee there who worked in the _kitchen_ of all places, and he _stank_. On the rare occasions that he did shower (and being the the showers were public and communal, you knew when someone wasn't showering- and it may have been part of his reason for not showering) he refused to use soap. He'd just rinse off and be done with it.

So one day, one of the lifeguards called the kitchen, saying, "Hey, we've got a big crowd, and need an extra pair of eyes in the lifeguard tower, can you send Aaron down?" Now, the kitchen staff hated Aaron; in addition to smelling, he was apparently useless (and was once caught masturbating in the walk in freezer), so they were happy to have a reason to send him elsewhere.

When he got to the waterfront, Shawn, the king of "Shark" (a lifesaving teaching game of "Try not to get drowned by the instructor") grabbed him, threw him in the lake, and scrubbed him down with laundry detergent. After that, he managed to keep himself clean most of the time, aside from his similar refusal to do laundry.

This is totally unrelated: Birdies and Death. Very _very_ cool.

  • From my observation, one of the more authentic scenes in Starship Troopers is the one in which basic trainee Johnny Rico learns to answer roll call with "Bathed!" Johnny noted that while one could get away a time or two with calling that out even when it wasn't strictly true, one who persisted in the face of evidence to the contrary inevitably wound up on the receiving end of a scrubdown with floor soap and scrub brushes, while a junior drill instructor stood by making helpful suggestions....
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