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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Being a bastard...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Being a bastard...

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run the fuck away
Yeah, so I've been hanging out in the otherkin community, and found a likeminded spirit there, that has to laugh with me at stupid people. We've been right bastards over there. He's the one who pointed me to outcastotherkin.

At any rate, this got _someone's_ attention.

(11:40:48) demorsos: Hello.
(11:40:53) Me: hello
(11:41:39) demorsos: Who are you to Otherkin?
(11:41:58) Me: ? I'm t3knomanser in the otherkin community.
(11:42:38) demorsos: I know that...do you have an issue with the internet to the Otherkin community?
(11:42:54) demorsos: I am calmly asking.
(11:43:27) Me: I know that, but I'm not following your question. Do I have a problem with the Internet Otherkin community? Parts of it.
(11:43:43) demorsos: Like?
(11:43:56) Me: mostly the fucktards that get drawn to it.
(11:44:08) demorsos: Describe them.
(11:44:10) Me: which is not to say that everyone in it is a fucktard
(11:44:38) Me: It's the ones just screaming for validation; that whine about how they're so oppressed and misunderstood.
(11:45:10) demorsos: Understood.
(11:45:42) Me: as a rule also dislike people who think that they're "special". Usually, they're the least interesting people I've ever met.
(11:46:34) demorsos: Those who want to be "special?"
(11:46:42) Me: those who think they are.
(11:46:56) Me: There's nothing wrong with _wanting_ to be special, so long as you realize it's not going to happen.
(11:47:42) demorsos: That one will never be special, or special(as in above other people)?
(11:48:15) Me: That anything other than one's actions can ever mean anything.
(11:48:52) demorsos: So, you don't believe that one person's actions matter?
(11:49:23) demorsos: Oh...forget that question.
(11:49:29) demorsos: I'm a bit slow.
(11:49:33) demorsos: hehe
(11:49:34) Me: *nod* I believe the opposite.
(11:52:15) demorsos: Well, I will leave you. And am not hear to share my beliefs with you, far be it from me to think your's are like mine, from what I've seen, but can a person look all there life for why they were different and find a group of people, small in size and grow with them as you grow yourself?
(11:53:22) demorsos: I would not know of 'kin had it not been for the internet, and am greatful for it's role in my life and was never looking for special anything when I came.
(11:54:03) Me: It's funny... I never needed a group of people to explain to me why I was different... nor did I ever need an explanation of "why I was different."
(11:54:17) Me: I just thanked the Powers that I was, and went from there.
(11:56:10) demorsos: Neither did I, but it helped and I found the way to pinpoint the exact thing I was. I just ask you to let us come to pass how we will and stop informing us otherwise.
(11:57:02) Me: No. And the reason for that is that I'm intrigued by fellow otherkin too much to let them go whinging off to the obscurity.
(11:57:39) Me: I want to change the otherkin community.
(11:58:15) demorsos: Really?! How?
(11:58:59) Me: Well, for one, replace the Mutual Admiration Society that's so prevalent with one that actually makes a concerted effort to sort the wheat from the chaaf.
(11:59:15) Me: Encourage others to call things bullshit when they really are.
(11:59:42) demorsos: Ok, do you believe in Otaku'kin?
(11:59:56) Me: Otaku'kin? Never heard of 'em
(12:00:19) demorsos: Because that in a sense is what I am. Read up on it. Ota-kin.
(12:00:37) Me: just summarize for me?
(12:01:30) demorsos: Those that soulbond with a chara from a story. I am soulbound to a character from an anime'. Well, somewhat. Mostly on my own now.
(12:02:13) Me: I believe that such a thing can exist... though with different mechanisms. First off, I don't believe in "souls".
(12:02:45) demorsos: you don't believe in a SOUL?
(12:03:01) Me: not like most people do.
(12:03:16) demorsos: Then you believe in the mind more, huh?
(12:04:02) Me: Uhhh... not exactly.
(12:04:11) demorsos: Then elaborate?
(12:04:53) Me: There are three elements to the universe: Matter, Energy and Pattern, except the fact that matter and energy are interchangable, so really there's just two:
(12:04:59) Me: Stuff, and the arrangement of that stuff.
(12:05:50) Me: the "soul" is nothing more than the pattern that arranges the matter and energy in our bodies. When we die, that pattern no longer exists, it fragments and becomes part of other patterns, and you cease to exist.
(12:06:35) demorsos: DO you believe in a God?
(12:06:42) demorsos: Anything?
(12:07:06) Me: Things like reincarnation are caused by unusually strong pattern fragments maintaining cohesion even after reincorporation into a new pattern, or more often, psychic imprints that leave their normal space-time continuum. In fact, most "past life memories" are actually atemporal projections from other periods (making it likely that there should be future-life memories as well).
(12:07:41) Me: Sure I believe in diefic forces. I'm a devout Eris worshipper.
(12:08:05) demorsos: Eris...chaos?!
(12:08:14) Me: Chaos, discord, strife, lies. The usual.
(12:09:14) demorsos: Ok...where the hell did you come from?
(12:10:00) Me: Well, in my intro to the Otherkin community, I believe I explained that I was in this universe as a low-level virus to corrupt the information system that is this universe.
(12:10:18) Me: Or, more mundanely, I was born in Albany, NY, and adopted by a family in Kingston, NY.
(12:10:33) Me: Grew up, moved away, moved back, and hopes to move away again very soon, if I can find a fucking job.
(12:10:59) demorsos: Ok, whole life stiory is ok, but not wanted.
(12:11:15) Me: You should ask better questions then.
(12:12:23) demorsos: Yes. So you are meant to be a virus and disrupt all our way of thinking?
(12:12:33) demorsos: Correct?
(12:12:51) Me: No. To disrupt established power structures.
(12:13:04) Me: Related, but not synonymous concepts.
(12:13:27) demorsos: Is it all for the better?
(12:14:11) Me: depends who you ask, now isn't it. For the people who are invested in the existing power structure, I'm going to go ahead and say "no". For me, people like me, I'll go ahead and say yes.
(12:14:57) demorsos: What is so damn "special" about you, huh!?
(12:15:11) demorsos: ...riend!
(12:15:14) Me: Well, I'm all I've got. Without me, I wouldn't have anything.
(12:15:15) demorsos: *f
(12:15:45) demorsos: SO, you don't need anyone?
(12:15:56) demorsos: ZThe sharing of similar concepts and ideas?
(12:16:53) Me: Now how do you go from "I'm all I've got" to saying, "I don't need anyone." I need people. Like the guy that works on the farm that makes the food I eat. I'd be kinda screwed without him, now wouldn't I?
(12:17:13) Me: And there's nothing wrong about the sharing of similar concepts and ideas- so long as it doesn't get in the way of sharing differing concepts and ideas.
(12:17:48) demorsos: Ok...I am dumbfounded and yet intrigued, bu i must continue this later.
(12:17:53) Me: knock yourself out
(12:18:21) demorsos: And may it recoil your way.
(12:18:39) demorsos: Buh-BYE.
(12:18:45) Me: pax

Why I enjoy confusing people like this, I'll never know. Sad thing is, I don't do anything unusual aside from be less patient than I am with people I like. _Alot_ less patient, sure, but that's the only real change.

On my reincarnation comment, I'd like to throw in, that 90% of past life memories are crap.

Over the past few days, I've gotten loads of IMs from people due to my behavior in communities. Apparently I'm very interesting.
  • I'm so intrigued, I've sent off a membership req for otherkin...
    we shall see what we shall see..
  • I've signed up too. The concept isn't what pisses me off. It's just that it seems to be a flake magnet.

    ...and I'm a flake. Just goes to support the theory.

    Ooooh! I have wingses!!!
  • I like you.

    Even if some of the others don't.
    • From your banter, I like you and your wife so far too.

      And c'mon... who can't like a Chaos Dragon?

      /me lurves teh Chaos.
      • *just grins* I could name a few thousand people who would disagree most enthusiastically with you... but thank you.

        For what it's worth, I like you so far, too. I have a fondness for intelligent bastards who dare make people think.

  • Therefore, you should not list your IM nicks for all to see, unless you actually want to get that kind of attention. Strange how they all think people like us are there just to stir up trouble, because we hurt their glitter-filled fluffbunny pastry feelings.

    I think I'm a dragon myself, but don't see why people can't question my beliefs rather than accepting me just because I say I am. There needs to be more theory and debate rather than everyone telling each other how good they are, moreso with otherkin due to the fact they seem to mostly be social rejects and outcasts.

    I don't think you mind I credited the idea for my post to you, but let us hope that neither of us gets banned for daring to deflate their ego.

    And, lastly, who doesn't like chaos?
    • I don't mind at all. And I entered with the expectation that I'd get banned _eventually_.
  • Sign me up on the intrigued list

    I forever struggle with being a logical empathetic. Nothing wrong with either in moderation, but I offer people a non-judgmental and understanding ear, allowing them to speak on whatever they wish, and at the same time I can't stop asking why, why, why? I figure life's about never getting answers, just always asking questions, and going from there.

    So I'm glad to see this new life breathed into the otherkin community. It's blanket-acceptance was ironically it's strongest attractor and largest deterrent. How can I feel comfortable admitting a connection with a group that accepts me in the same breath they accept the guy who claims he's Trogdar the Burnenator and is currently seeking a lawyer to sue Homestarrunner.com for stealing his story.

    "I wouldn't join any club that would have me as a member."--Groucho Marx

    Debate strengthens ideas and opinions, not destroys them, and should be encouraged.

    We'll see how this goes.
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