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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Fuck you all, eat shit and die...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Fuck you all, eat shit and die...

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johnny cash
No, I'm still not done with ranting about this.

I mean fuck, people must be under the impression I'm not looking for a job, right? That I'm somehow unique in this unemployment thing, and that I'm just looking for any excuse not to work. That I fucking want to be unemployed.


Funny thing is, up until this moment, James is the only person in the house that I haven't had the urge to beat within an inch of his life. Now I've had that urge for everyone.

I feel like an ass for even moving down here saying to myself, "Oh, how hard can finding a job be?" Well fuck, I know it now, don't I?

You know what else? I don't care that people are pissed that I'm still unemployed. And the shit of it is, I have just as much money now as if I had a shit mall job. That's right. Why, you ask? My school loans are slavering, and while I've held them off thus-long, once I'm employed, they have every intention of garnishing my wages. Joy. What a choice, work, and don't have money, or don't work, and don't have money.

Fuck off, fuck off and die. The first thought in my head when I heard about the earthquake in Iran that killed 25,000 people was- "Wow, that's roughly the population of the Kingston area," and I had a moment of hope right there.

I'm getting out, you hear me. Outoutout.
  • If you need to overnight here while you start a job up here, just let us know. You know we won't mind at all. I know it'll be annoying to separate you and Cate for a few days at a time, but at this point, if it accellerates your return, I'm for it wholeheartedly.

    Love ya. I like you and your unique assortment of human flaws.
  • Re: Punching your friends in the face.

    OK, Roadkill. You seem to want to beat everyone, right? I'd like to think I've been pretty fucking conciderate about your situation all things concidered. I don't bring it up almost ever. I cover you for bills that have put me in the whole. I've borrowed money from my dad for YOU specifically.

    Am I charging you interest on the money you owe me? No. Do I hammer down your door asking for that money, even though I need it?! No. And you know what else? The money that I have to borrow from MY DAD because of the spot you're in is affecting him too. He won't get a membership to the YMCA so he can exercise while it's so cold. Oh and hey, did I ever tell you that he was diagnosed with Heart Disease and HAS to exercise to keep from risking death?! Did I tell you my Uncle died because he laxed off for a few months, had a heart attack and died? That he is YOUNGER than my dad and this still happened?!

    Yeah, every time you can't pay that money back, the first thing that comes to mind is that my dad is risking his health for this. You say big fucking deal?! Well I don't, but I FUCKING keep it to myself.

    Here's an idea. If you can't pay the electric bill, DON'T USE YOUR COMPUTERS! (not to mention that'd lower the heat in your room) Isn't that how everything else works? You don't get to eat the candy-bar unless you can pay for it? I'm not going to not pay your share of the bill, because it's under MY NAME. I'm not gonna tarnish my credit or my reputation for you. You say they prolly won't report it to the creditors either way? Well I'm not going to take that risk. Don't drag your friends down with you.

    OK, I'll be fair. If it was just a month or three, I'd understand. You're my friend and I like helping my friends. But in the time you've been unemployed (8/9 months), James has had at least SIX jobs. I suggest you stop being so picky towards jobs. Look for shit not in your field. My friend Brian also graduated, and can't find a CS job in
    . So what did he do? Sit on his ass? No. He got a retail job. Sure, pay's not great, but it pays the bills.

    Now, if you're gonna bitch me out on LJ for posting this, that's your perogative. Sorry if this reply sounds very cruel and harsh, but it's fucking affected me ALOT more than keeping me from buying a few extra DVDs or something, and ALOT more than I let on. And so reading in your LJ that you wanna punch us all in the face is kind of a stab in the back for me. Maybe instead of assuming we're all heartless bastards and focusing on your frustrations, you should step back for a second and realize that the people around you are feeling it too. And you know what? We're trying to help, whether you choose to see that or not. Sure, we might not always be the nicest about it, but we get frustrated over things too. BUt the point is we havn't stoped trying to help, despite our thinning patience.

    So if you have a problem with what I concider to be our extreme generosity, then tell me. Tell us. Maybe we can work something out. Maybe not. But try working things out with your friends before you brand them traitorous assholes for putting up with your shit and helping you out.
    • Re: Punching your friends in the face.

      It's alot more than just you guys. I didn't brand anyone a traitorous asshole.

      First, the reason I haven't really actively pursued retail is because it _wouldn't_ pay my bills. The government gets first dibs on my wages now, due to how behind on my school loans I am. I'd still not be able to pay the bills. So that won't help me.

      I'm more upset at being unemployed than I am in any specific person; I'm more upset at feeling trapped in Kingston than I am at any specific people. I apply for all sorts of things not in my field. Unfortunately, I'm not really qualified for any of them; that doesn't stop me from trying.

      Friends aside- I'm getting the hell out of Kingston. I've already got some ins on at least part-time work in Albany. I'll fucking take a bus and commute there if I have to.

      But you can't fault me for being upset at being stuck in this shithole town with dimming hopes of employment and sustenance.
  • dude you have to apply for a forebearance from loans. You can't just not pay them and not say anything, of course they will then look to garnish wages. most loan companies can help you and they are willing to work with you on payments. even if you got a shit retail job you can apply for income sensitive payments, or even interest only payments. it gives you a chance to balance a budget and figure out what works best for you. you just have to tell them what is going on.
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