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Film Review

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run the fuck away

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Film Review

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run the fuck away
So, The Two Towers, realeased under its true name despite those morons, which, in a completely unrelated note, I think was just a scam to hit people with popups. It's my hope that no one could be that stupid!

Okay, at any rate, the film review.

First off, it does drag on forever, which, being the middle of a trilogy, three hours, and part of an epic, is to be expected. For some reason, I remember the first movie as being much prettier, with better effects. Maybe that was just because of more interesting settings, lots of wastelands and empty plains in this one.

Everyone is talking about Gollum, which is to be understood. He was well voiced and well animated and well scripted. I think the main reason he stands out is because he was the most interesting character in the whole thing. Everyone else has already fallen into set roles, and we don't see a great deal of interest in anyone else. Yeah, I said it, all of the characters were pretty damn flat. Which is the main reason I stopped reading the books.

The seriousminded, reluctant and oh so bad ass leader, Aragorn. The NPC badass who gets shit done, Gandalf. Random fighter dudes galore, and then the requsite window dressing, Legolas.

Despite my "fucking elves, damn fucking elves", I can't be too hard on Legolas. I've played many a swashbuckler in RPGs that tried those same moves, with less consistant success. Especially the shield thing. I had a character who did something like that, right down to impaling the guy with the shield at the end. Not to be a spoiler or anything for those that haven't seen it.

I can't fault the film for its special effects, and it was decidedly cool to see Massive in action; everyone in the crowd scenes was an individual, and it made me think back to films like Spartacus, or more recently, Gettysburg. These massive, extra-packed slugfests, except this one was all CG.
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    Also, when you're making a link in lj, you need to upt in the http://, or else the link goes to the subdirectory under whoever clicks, within lj. I clicked, and it tried to send me to http://www.livejournal.com/users/iambliss/www.thetwotowersprotest which is just silly. :)
    • And dude, I cut and paste that right out of IE. You'd think that when you copy a string containing an http://, you'd paste a string containing an http://.

      Perhaps I was sloppy with my mouse or somesuch. Fixed momentarially.
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        *chuckle* And then I tried adding the http://, and the.com at the end, and still couldn't get to the site... was so saddening.
        • I cut and paste again, and now it works. I'll be surprised that you, the little netizen that you are, haven't seen this site yet.
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            Funny sometimes, the things I come across and the things I don't.

            Plus this whole Everyone-is-on-break-and-I'm-still-working-the-labs thing gives me lots of time to search and play. :-p
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