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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Remy Lives...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Remy Lives...

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run the fuck away
WOW! WHEE! The Remster is on air once again... actually no.

I'm on my parents computer, becuase I haven't had a chance to set mine up. Been busy busy.

Where to begin? I get home, unpack, and don't mention the D, because I want to get things settled with my prof first. (Whose last message said, "I don't think I'll let you make it up", which is different than saying "I won't let you make it up". (emphasis added)).

Anywho, anywho. So, I unload the car, drop some stuff off at my grandmothers to keep in her basement, and then proceed to leave with Apples to crash Jesse's holiday party.

When you hear someone is throwing a christmas party at the VFW, what do you expect to see? Well, I personally expect, at least from the ktown group, people hanging out, music playing, food being munched.

Instead, I walk into a scene out of the Godfather. Jesse is at the head of the table, and everyone is seated about it, everyone being from Sam to Kelly (John Ioia's ex). About fifteen people or so, sitting silently, dressed formally, looking serious. Classical music is blaring on the karaoke machine. Jesse shoots Apples, Ben and I a dour look, but Ellie is on her feet in a shot, looking for her hug, which I gave most joyfully, being Ellie is some of the best cuddling you can find.

Anywho, we chum there for a bit. We make arrangements for some of us to jet, me, Apps, Ben and Ellie, while Sam, Tim, and James are all going to meet up with us later. So we skidoot, Jesse shooting us another dour look.

And OFF we go.

Hang out, play around, fiddle about, and end up at the Stone Circle by the mall. Basically, it's a flat outcrop where boulders have been arranged into a circle, and it's a rather mystically prime area. People will drive by on 9W and nobody sees it. So many people I talk to don't even know it's there, despite it being in plain sight.

So, at this point, after a few switchovers and other stops, like lounging in Apps apartment curled up with Ellie, a brief diner run, gathered now are Apples, Sam, Tim, James, Ben and Sean. And Tim needs to catch a 6:12 flight out of Newark.

So Tim, James, Ben, Sean and I pile into James' mini-van (this was preplanned between James and Tim, but they wanted some company, so on whim, at midnight, we piled into the car). Off we go.

I did a few readings during the drive, "How's this trip going to go?" Strife, struggle, confusion. In otherwords, a standard road trip for us. And my, was it a trip. It took us about as long to find the 'economy parking' as it did to GET to Newark. But we do, after gods know how many circles. We go into the terminal with Tim, and hang out for a few hours, being that it's only a bit after 2 at this point. I do tarot readings all around. James is being a sad sack again. Sean is being an idiot again. There's going to be some friction when Tim goes to Cali. Ben didn't ask for one actually... so I guess not all around.

And at about 5ish, we're off again, Tim checked in and on his way to the plane. We get back, I sleep till 3.

Get up, get a call from Apples, and off I go again. This time with some cash from my grandmother. A night of playing, and randomness.

Today... today I intend to try getting Alicia online. I dont THINK you have to use the compuserve software to log on. I think you can do just a flat dialup. Which I need to find the phone cable for. BAH.

Oh wait, other thoughts. 'Manda and I get along so much better when we're not dating. Well enough in fact, that sometimes one finds oneself thinking, "Maybe we should be," but a bit of reason is all it takes to dispell that idea.

Sam has loaned me the most complete biography of Nikola Tesla. I love that man.

Sam may also be burning me the first 13 episodes of gargoyles, the best American animated series ever. And mysteriously, it was somehow created by Disney, even though it has plot, adult themes, action, adventure and mystical stuff.
  • A bit hyper maybe? ;-)

    I'm envious of your horde in Kingston. There's only one solution: I must meet these people. If it's ok with you/them, that is.
    • Come visit! I can see if you're allowed to crash Apples christmas party on the 26th if you're free. I don't see him refusing.
      • Re:

        :( we're en route from rochester to troy on the 26th. (sob) The day after New Years is free...
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